mocenigo (1)

Fossalta di Portogruaro
(Villa Mocenigo)

It is nice to spend a few days in our nice and idyllic small town of 6.000 inhabitants where life goes on quietly, far away from the stress of big towns. Our town is located 30 km. from the Alps and 15-20 minutes from the Adriatic Sea and we enjoy very good weather conditions all year round.



Portogruaro’s old town (centro storico) was build in the 15th century and is quite as stilysh as Venice. You want to take it easy one day? It is nice then to go shopping in the refined shops under the vaults or simply be sitting confortably in one of the several bars down town sipping a glass of chardonnay wine or having a nice lunch.



It takes you 15-20 minutes to get to “our” natural sand beach “Brussa” by the Adriatic Sea through quiet and pleasant country roads and you might be laying there free of charge. The Car Park is guarded. The beach in the “Brussa” has very fine-grain white sand and is several kilometers long. It is owned by the Italian State and it is also a quite and peaceful natural reservation, where you may enjoy swimming in the clean and very salted water of the Adriatic Sea.



You can easily and confortably reach the magnificent town of Venice by train from our main station in Portogruaro in 40 minutes for a very reasonable ticket fee.
The train stops 50 meters from the “Canal Grande” where you can step on in one of the many “gondolas” that waits to take you for a romantic trip to the most beautiful square in the world: “Piazza San Marco”. You will enjoy every minute of your staying there feeling special and different.
Now it is up to you to enjoy Venice with all its fantastic treasures and colourful and fascinating day life.


Le Alpi

It takes you only 30-40 minutes by car to reach the mountains for skiing in fancy winter resorts or visiting endless numbers of small and saga-like breathtaking mountain villages at the foot of the Alps.